Lunar/Moon Images

Images of the Moon & the Lunar surface, taken by Oldham and Rochdale Astronomy members.

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Author name: Keith Robinson

Shot late yesterday afternoon on the 22nd of Feb 2021. Converted to black & white, with a little RGB adjust & levels in Photoshop.

Atmosphere was stunningly clear & transparent !!

Author names: June & Harry Blackburn

Tonight's Waning Gibbous Moon 28.02.2021.

Single image taken with Canon EOS 60D 70-300mm lens.

Author name: Wendy Ward

The Moon taken on 25.02.2021.

Author name: John Driscoll

A couple from the 24th of January. Getting to grips with stacking and processing.
Orion optics UK VXL 12 scope
Canon 100d camera 2x Barlow

Author name: Andrew Tenny

Took Big Bertha (Skywatcher 250p dob) out into the yard tonight (25/02/2021) to have another go at the moon.

All single shots iso100, various shutter speeds, Canon 750d.

Author name: Mark Forbes

Tonight’s Moon (01/03/2021) taken a short while before midnight. Same image processed two ways, one more neutral and the other saturated to bring out the mineral colours.
Altair Astro 72 EDF f/6 🔭
iOptron CEM25P mount
2000 frames captured with SharpCap Pro 4.0 beta. Best 15% of frames stacked with AutoStakkert 3!
Post processed with Registax 6, and Photoshop 2020.
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